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05/03/2019 · Using the PvE build for Deadeye Rifle and raid build for Deadeye D/D. I believe the thing that bugs me the most about Deadeye rifle is the fact that you have to stay knelt in order to deal a lot of damage, which is never ideal in a game where you rely on movement abilities and dodges. 13/12/2019 · Hello guys, I had some pretty big break from GW2 and I wanna come back to it, I made deadeye when PoF hit because of rifle, but I never found good build for it, so I never really played it, he is still sitting on claw island mission and now functions as my second bank. Deadeye will work for solo open world PvE. Rifle is fun for quickly bursting down normal and veteran mobs but anything higher and it can start to get frustrating. There's a trait that instantly refreshes your f1 after you kill a marked enemy so you can quickly spam f1>f2 to build up quickness and other boons while clearing mobs which I find to be quite fun.

If you take the max damage I was getting with dead eye, which was a reveal build, I was only getting 34k on a deaths judgement. Albeit that was PvP which is level 78 exotic, but comparing staff DD, I can get that in less than 2 seconds while auto attacking. The dps of staff vs rifle is not really compatible when you have such slow ramp. A PvE Build for The Division written by zuerovisk. About Division Division-Buids is an unofficial fanmade website for the community of the game Tom Clancy's The Division to use for creating, sharing, and discussing builds.

So, Deadeye PVE players, what builds have you been using? What do you think works best and why? Power Deadeye is a single target DPS build with a very simple rotation and build. It has very low cleaving capabilities, it is reliant on the number of conditions on the boss for and the number of boons for. Its CC capabilities are quite high with 750 Breakbar damage from. This page was last edited on 15 September 2019, at 13:41. All trademarks and copyrights on this site are owned by their respective owners. MetaBattle content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [Build] Was messing around with the deadeye and thief traits and found this very hilarious build, now people can live out their dreams of being the fastest gun in the west. Note, you can get perma quickness with ~50% boon duration and switching to assassins fury you can use a different weapon than pistols to get the 25 might.

24/09/2017 · Ok, see my note at the top. This is a discussion about high end pve balance. I know some people in pvp or wvw like deadeye but when it comes to pve dps it seems to fall short. It is not wrong to enjoy the damage in pvp but it is however off topic in this thread. After so much theory crafting, tweaking, and tuning. I believe I found the best Deadeye sniper build. This build will require the Deadeye to choose targets carefully and find a perfect location for the best shot. This is not a build that someone can simply stealth and kill. No, no, nothe Thief must act like.

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